Salinity and Tides in Alluvial Estuaries

“Salinity and Tides in Alluvial Estuaries” (first published in 2005) presents an integrated theory for one-dimensional flow and transport in estuaries with an active morphology. The book provides a new approach with numerous illustrations and a comprehensive overview of the literature to date.

This book is a valuable theoretical resource for graduate students specialising in estuary processes and for researchers in related disciplines. It is also a useful reference work for practitioners and consultants, presenting simple analytical equations for tidal hydraulics, mixing and salt intrusion in estuaries.

You can download the Second Completely Revised Edition (2012) by clicking on the cover (on the left). Chinese users may use this special trusted link:

Under the Tab “Applications” you can find a large number of model applications for estuaries from all over the world in open access spreadsheets.

Under “Related Articles” you find links to the relevant journal articles by the author (many are open access).

You may freely make use of all the information on this website, but please refer to the book [Savenije, 2005, 2012] or the relevant publications when you do.


Savenije, H.H.G., (2005) Salinity and Tides in Alluvial Estuaries. Elsevier, New York.

Savenije, H.H.G., (2012) Salinity and Tides in Alluvial Estuaries, 2nd completely revised edition: