About the author

Foto © Sam Rentmeester/FMAX . 20080602 Savenije, CT, nieuwsinteviewThe author has many years of field experience in estuaries in Africa, Asia and Europe. He worked from 1978-1985 in Mozambique where he carried out a large number of surveys in four different estuaries and laid the foundation for the general theory presented in this book. Subsequently he worked as a consultant, mostly in Asia, where he verified the generality of the theory in estuaries in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. He joined the UNESCO Institute of Water Education (IHE-Delft) in 1990, where he completed his PhD on the subject of this book. He became Professor of Water Resources Management at UNESCO-IHE in 1994 with a focus on river basin modelling and global water resources issues. Since 1999 he is Professor of Hydrology at Delft University of Technology, where the hydrology of estuaries is one of his key research themes.

The book “Salinity and Tides in Alluvial Estuaries” first appeared in 2005 with Elsevier Publishers. In 2012 the book was completely revised and updated,  and published on Salinityandtides.com in open access under Creative Commons License. The material from this web site can be downloaded freely provided proper reference is made when used for publication. (The book can be downloaded by clicking the cover on the left).

Over the years the author co-authored a range of articles on tidal hydraulics and salt intrusion, which can be found under the Tab “Related Articles”.